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Great Ohio River Relay

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Go to Itinerary and click on the red checkmarks to follow the journey!

We are fighting GreenHunter Energy's proposed fracking wastewater plant in our residential community, 1.2 miles upriver from the main water intake for Ohio County.

We oppose any plans to barge fracking wastewater on our River!

 September 14, 2013  -  September 24, 2013

We started in Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday, September 14, 2013 at noon, and ended 11 days later in Franklin Furnace, OH.

We walked, biked, kayaked, canoed and even rollerskated our Baton 341 miles, through 4 states, in 11 days, with NO fossil fuels! 

Our goal is to bring awareness of what fracking is doing to our communities and our water, and to unite activists along the Ohio River in our common goals to keep our River free of fracking wastes.

We worked with over a dozen grassroots anti-fracking groups along the Ohio River who signed on as co-sponsors. 

We hoped to end in Cairo, IL.

We *WILL* be doing this again next year after the winter is over. 
Watch this page for details, and join the Wheeling Water Warriors on Facebook, here.



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